About Bristol International College

To Enhance Your Life Through Education !!!

In 2016, we have done our best to create a new school that is both warm and vibrant and to help students achieve their learning goals. We have striven to provide not only great memories but also a feeling of pride and confidence in the skills and knowledge acquired through our language development programs.

The opening of our new campus has allowed us to meet the needs of a much wider base of students. Offering a greater range of professional courses means that we can do more to prepare our students for an increasingly competitive international job market.

Since the beginning of 2016, we have consistently committed ourselves to providing high quality instruction to every student who has entered our door.

We hope to continue to help our students reach each of their individual learning goals.

We look forward to supplying the same high quality instruction in the future. We would love to have you as part of our family and enrich your experience while you study, live, and work in Canada.

Warmest regards,

General Director


Mission Statement

To enhance quality of life and level of education, and respect all people as we grow.

What is Education?

What is true education? / Our life is continuous education. / What kinds of education does BIC seek for students?

Education is the most essential component of our lives, and it makes us happier and healthier as we grow.