ESL Program

In-Depth English Training Program


12 Week Certificate

Start date

Every Monday


Intermediate to Upper Intermediate


Each block is an independent program, and you may register only for the classes you are interested in.

The entire program is based on improving speaking ability.

The first block will last 3 months, and will involve detailed corrections on grammar, speaking training, and other problem areas from the teacher.

The second block is focused on improving not only speaking, but each student’s vocabulary and reading level as well through speaking and reading practice.


Time Table & Outline

Class Hour Monday-Thursday Friday
1st Block
Speaking + Grammar Weekly TEST & Review
2nd Block
Speaking + Reading
(Vocabulary / Pronunciation / Intonation / Idiom)
12:00-12:40 Lunch
3rd Block
(Presentation, Job Interview, Describing Pictures, TOEFL&IELTS Speaking..)

1st Block

Students will learn real, essential grammar skills that they can make immediate use of in daily life. Our grammar class is focused on class involvement and class participation, meaning it will be more fun and active, helping students not to lose focus due to boredom. Students are encouraged to participate and give their own answers to the questions, as well as try to make their own sentences after learning a new concept. In this way, students can learn not only grammar concepts, but how to make use of them in their own way and adapt these new grammar skills for use in their daily lives.

2nd Block

This class is focused heavily on pronunciation and intonation in order to sound like a real English native speaker when speaking. Through reading out loud, students will learn to remove large parts of their accents as well as learn proper intonation when speaking in full sentences to sound natural and be understood by anyone in English. Students will learn how to naturally pronounce difficult words properly in English, and also improve in general speaking speed and flow. By the end of the class, students will be able to remove large parts of their accents and sound more like natural English speakers, as well as being able to sight-read more quickly with less pauses.

3rd Block

This class is focused on helping students grow accustomed to real conversations in English. Students will learn natural phrases used commonly in conversation as well as improve their pronunciation, usage of natural sentences, and be able to reduce the time needed to think before coming up with a sentence in English. Likewise, through practice, students will improve their ability to understand and comprehend real sentences from native speakers in English.

Weekly Theme
1st Block 2nd Block & 3rd Block
Week 1 Simple Present and Simple Past Etiquette and Cultural Differences in Canada(practical skills, discussions)
Week 2 Present Perfect and Past Perfect Home and Family Topics(descriptions, personal experiences)
Week 3 Simple Future and Future Perfect Personality, Communication, and Habits Topics(descriptions, problems/solutions)
Week 4 Passive Tense Job and Work Topics(practical skills: mock interviews, types of jobs/experiences, problems/solutions)
Week 5 Subject- Verb Agreement Travel Topics(practical skills: asking for directions,descriptions, travel problems/solutions)
Week 6 Nouns and Pronouns Restaurant and Cooking Topics
(practical skills: ordering in a restaurant descriptions)
Week 7 Adjective/Adverb/Noun Clauses Music, TV and Media Topics(descriptions, giving opinions)
Week 8 Modal Verbs Money and Shopping Topics(practical skills: asking for help/making purchases, problems/solutions)
Week 9 Coordinating Conjunctions Problem and Solution/Danger Topics(personal experiences, asking for help, discussion)
Week 10 Gerunds and Infinitives Health/ Emergency Topics(practical skills: asking for help, personal experiences)
Week 11 Connectives That Express Cause/Effect Holidays and Traditions(descriptions, personal experiences)
Week 12 Conditional Sentences/ Wishes Global News Topics(giving opinions, discussion)

Tuition Fee

Week 1 Block 2 Blocks 3 Blocks
1 $115 $230 $320
2 $230 $460 $640
3 $345 $690 $960
4 $460 $920 $1280
5 $575 $1150 $1600
6 $690 $1380 $1920
7 $805 $1610 $2240
8 $920 $1840 $2560
9 $1035 $2070 $2880
10 $1150 $2300 $3200
11 $1265 $2530 $3520
12 $1380 $2760 $3840
Registration Fee Material Fee
$150 $45/month